Quality and Food Safety Policy

The Management, as the head of BERNABÉ BIOSCA ALIMENTACIÓN, SAU, a company that since its creation in 1919 has been dedicated to the storage, repackaging and distribution of dehydrated/dried fruits, undertakes to create, apply, maintain and continuously improve the Food Safety and Quality Management System based on the FSSC 22000 standard, to meet customer requirements and industry regulations and standards, and Comply with the obligation to manufacture safe and legal products in accordance with specified food safety and quality, and is developed in procedures and documents that allow us to achieve the acquired commitments.

For this, the following guidelines are established:

  • Achieve satisfaction of customer needs, through personalized treatment and permanent attention.
  • The continuous improvement in the performance of the processes and the suitability of the services provided.
  • Ensure the competence of our staff by promoting continuous training, providing the relevant resources for this.
  • The provision of the necessary resources to guarantee an optimal work environment in the facilities, maintaining the ethics and commitment that has accompanied the company since its creation in all its areas.
  • Promote and favor the development of effective communication with all parties (suppliers, clients and workers) so that both their actions and their own are based on relationships that guarantee their ethical and personal responsibility.
  • The absolute control of our product, process and specifications, in all stages, from its initial approach to the sale to our customers, offering a safe product, and guaranteeing the compliance with the legal requirements applicable to it.

This Corporate Policy is available to workers and people who can act on behalf of the company. On an annual basis, this Policy is transferred to Quality and Food Safety Objectives, turning these guidelines into measurable realities.

Approved by the General Directorate on February 15, 2021


D. José María Carrillo